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The Screenplay For Epic Novel “Flyy Girl” Just Dropped On Amazon! Looks Like We Are Getting This Movie!

Y’all the time is near! We’ve been waiting for this “Flyy Girl” Movie and it looks like we are one step closer! Omar Tyree dropped the screenplay for Fly Girl on so we already have a peek into what the movie will be like!

He’s also putting a call out to aspiring actresses, writers, and producers! (Click the link in the bio for more details).

Tired of the long and fruitless wait for Hollywood to realize the golden value of Flyy Girl, the urban classic novel from New York Times bestselling and NAACP Image Award winning author, Omar Tyree, the Philadelphian storyteller has now taken matters into his own hands by publishing an epic, 3-hour screenplay to the public, that includes his desired 1980s era soundtrack.

“I’m turning 50 years old next month, so I’m definitely running out of time for the wait. I want all of the Flyy Girl lovers to know my complete vision for the film, and that’s I’m doing everything in my power to move the production forward by having new negotiations with interested partners…”

With an ebook download purchase of “Flyy Girl; The Epic Screenplay By Omar Tyree” @

…Aspiring actors and actresses as well as writers, producers and marketers can now prepare themselves to:

#1) Send in videos clips with delivered dialogue from your favorite Flyy Girl screenplay characters for future casting considerations…

#2) Send in your favorite character one-liners for summer t-shirt promotions…

#3) Send in your ideas for scenes you feel could be cut to make a leaner movie…

#4) Send in your ideas of what popular actors and actresses you feel should star in the major roles

#5) Definitely send in your overall reviews of the screenplay from start to finish..

To purchase:


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