The Streets Are Talking!!! Are Gloria Govan And Akon Dating?

The Streets Are Talking!!! Are Gloria Govan And Akon Dating?


The rumor mill has been turning as word hits the street that Akon and former basketball wife, Gloria Govan, are dating.

This comes after the roommates have been blowing us up about sitings of the pair as early as last week. 

Gloria was seen being courted by Akon and his family but according to HipHollywood, it’s not because the two are getting it on behind closed doors. 

Sources tell them Gloria was in Africa with Akon for business purposes:

“Gloria Govan was in Africa with not only Akon, but also his entire family to promote her ALL NATURAL facial serum, titled “Derm Affect.” And since we know that Africa is the mother of all natural resources, it is/was the perfect place to release and promote her facial line. With that being said Gloria is NOT dating Akon.”

This could be believable but the only thing that we find odd is that there is no mention of Akon in any of her pics she posted on Instagram:




We also checked Akon’s page and also no mention of Gloria. This could all be a private business venture but why not share that to cut the rumors short? Or is there possibly something going on and they just want to keep it on the low? Let’s chat below!

Sources Sited :

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