The Westbrooks To Premiere Tonight on BET at 10pm ET! - The Shade Room

The Westbrooks To Premiere Tonight on BET at 10pm ET!

TSR had the opportunity to watch the first episode of the #Westbrook show and let’s just say it started out detailing the situation with her ex-boo The Game.

 You remember the pictures that hit the blogs of The Game allegedly fingering India Love? She claimed he set her up for publicity & was using her for her name. Next, we have Soulja Boy who makes an appearance. He’s clearly EVERYONE’S boyfriend. 

In this episode you will either hate or love Miss India. There is no in-between. Their Father will definitely be one of your fav TV Dads because he’s the best part of the show. 

The sisters are all very different. The older sisters, born & raised in Compton, have a little more of a rough edge to them. The younger sister Crystal/Cristaal is more like a peaceful hippie and India is more…well we don’t want to use the words vain or bourgeois but you get the point!

The rest of the season will promise tears, laughter, drama, and of course boys/dating. Watch the episode & come back to The Shade Room and let us know what y’all think!



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