They Just Won't Let a Tyga Live!! He Has Been Slapped With Another Lawsuit!!!

They Just Won’t Let a Tyga Live!! He Has Been Slapped With Another Lawsuit!!!

Chileee they can’t just let Tyga be great !! His legal troubles are piled higher than the gold chains he has around his neck! And now it looks like another lawsuit has made its entrance to kick Kylie’s boyfriend while he’s down.

According to TMZ, Tyga is out here screwing women left and right but this time it’s not turning into a sex scandal. Chuon Guen Lee is suing Tyga for $1.6 million because she claims that after sleeping with her, he stole her clothing line concept.

According to documents obtained she alleges that she and Tyga both started the Last Kings clothing line in January 2013. She was supposedly promised that the rapper would promo her heavy and get her into Tilly’s, a popular clothing franchise.

Welp according to her, none of that came true and instead all she got was an orgasm before he ran off with half a milli in merchandise! And then to add insult to injury, he allegedly started another line with someone else and called it, Egypt Kings. We see what you did there and that’s just cold hearted Tyga!

Lee is also suing for damages as well. Tyga has yet to respond to the allegation but he may have been throwing some slick shade on Twitter last night :


Hopefully it isn’t true but if it is, he might want to follow in 50 Cent’s footsteps because now it’s just getting out of control !! Let’s chat below!!

Source Sited: TMZ

TSR STAFF: Debra Oh!! @The_Ebony_Issue on IG


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