#MeghanMarkle is out here living that fairytale life, but she has to abide by the not so fairytale rules, now that she’s secured the crown!

Megs will have to follow royal protocol on things she’d probably never had to think twice about before. 

According to #Buzzfeed, these things include:

  1. Not going to bed before the Queen goes to sleep whenever they’re staying in the same place.
  2. Sis is gonna have to hit what is known as the #DutchessSlant, which means not sitting with her legs crossed—and instead, crossing her ankles, or keeping her knees together, so that the pum put area isn’t exposed.
  3. Meghan can’t wear bold nail polish colors—if you’ve noticed, she’s only been rocking nude tones since #PrinceHarry proposed.
  4. Meghan also isn’t allowed to sign autographs because it risks her signature getting forged.
  5. Another thing #Meghan can’t do that we literally all do is post selfies, nor have her own social media accounts. She’s deleted all social media since becoming more serious with #Harry.
  6. Meghan can’t vote in British elections nor speak out on political or social issues, which was a huge part of her brand here in the U.S.
  7. Sis can’t go shopping by herself or do anything in public alone for obvious reasons.
  8. She can’t wear short hemlines, nor can she show her bare legs.
  9. Last but not least, you may know Meghan from her seven year role on Suits, but she can no longer continue her career as an actress.

Are these rules you could live by if you met your #PrinceCharming Rooomies?

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