THINX Thinks of a Way “Trans Men” Can Sport Underwear That Prevents Leakage!

THINX Thinks of a Way “Trans Men” Can Sport Underwear That Prevents Leakage!

Yes, I said leakage! And all Ladies are familiar with this annoying time of the month and so is the transgender community too! THINX, is a company that is prone to inventing specially designed panties, that makes women feel like no period exists. 

Now, they are  “breaking the taboo” for the transgender community experiencing this same heartache as well. What you thought they didn’t bleed once a month or something?


 Miki Agrawal, CEO of the underwear line THINX, spoke with The Huffington Post about how he came up with the underwear designed especially for trans men (and for the transgender community entirely). About two years ago there was a lot of backlash once the first under-wear line made for women during their menstrual cycles, “Underwear For Women With Periods”, launched.  Agrawal was swarmed with emails on Tumblr and Reddit afterwards for not designing underwear the trans community.


 “We were pretty struck by this, as it was something we hadn’t given a lot of thought to, which is not super surprising given that there’s such a lack of trans male visibility, even now,” Agrawal said.


THINX is making notice to this issue by now catering to all gender types with a simple pair of stretchy “boyshorts.”


This line was launched earlier this week to celebrate “Transgender Awareness Week” which started Nov. 14-20.


“We thought, if our goal is to break this taboo and eliminate the shame associated with periods globally, we’ve gotta do that for everyone,” Agrawal told The Huffington Post. 


The menstrual relief underwear line got many reviews, comments and ideas on how to design these “boxer-brief type undies.” Trans men were specifically requesting that the underwear still show it’s masculinity and no lace whatsoever!


“We’re going to make the progress of people accepting and understanding trans men as menstruating people happen 10x quicker than it might otherwise, just by being open and honest about it, and unafraid of people’s judgments,” Agrawal said. “Being a conscious company, we feel it is our responsibility to send a reminder that menstruation is not a trait of, nor a defining factor of, a specific gender. It is something that can occur amongst all people.”


How do you feel about this new design launch for the transgender community? 


TSR Intern: Charise W.

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