Sistas how y’all feel!? Brothas, y’all aite!? Y’all know we LOVE to see y’all being creative and doing it for the culture at the same darn time! When we came across these hats we thought, YASSSS come through childhood!

So this artist, Bryan Hickman also known as @Prolifik_asf on the ‘gram remade the Power Puff Girls but made it real Black Girl Magic-ish! Instead of them being made from sugar spice and everything nice and Chemical X, these little black girls are made of Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Honey, and Melanin!!!


When we went to check out more of Bryan’s work, we found that his hats took off abundantly! So much so that he had to make t-shirts to buy time to hand paint more hats to satisfy his customers!


Can you say Black Boy magic, beloved?!


Roommates, keep the creativity up! We love seeing y’all GO OFF!


Check out some pics of the Power Puff Girls design below! Is this something you’d purchase? Y’all know Dad Hat Season is her!



TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny