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This ‘Beyond Scared Straight’ Reunion Is The Link Up We Didn’t Know We Needed (Exclusive Details)

TSR Exclusive Details: If you’ve ever watched A&E’s “Beyond Scared Straight,” then you know Ms. Foxxxxy is easily one of the most memorable people from the prison-based reality show.

Ms. Foxxxxy reached viral fame when she schooled a young teen, who got caught up for fighting at school, about how to respond to haters without giving into violence. You didn’t even have to watch the show to know the then inmate’s famous line–“I was waiting on you at the doe!”–which flooded social media after the episode aired.

Well, if 2020 has given us anything, it’s surprises. Six years after that unforgettable episode aired, the teen and Foxxxxy have linked up in the “Beyond Scared Straight” reunion we didn’t know we needed. The pics have been all over social media recently, with rumors that the two are now romantically linked.

But Cedric, the once troubled teen turned entrepreneur, cleared up the rumors real quick and let us know there’s none of that going on!

Cedric tells us the real story behind the link up is that Foxxxxy has actually become a mentor to him since they met on the show.

Cedric says Foxxxxy has kept in touch with him to see his growth and development but they lost contact after her Instagram account was hacked. 

Going on about his business, the recent meetup was a surprise to even Cedric, who says them running into each other was a total coincidence. 

“We didn’t intend on seeing one another but we also have something in store for the viewers,” Cedric tells us.

Just what could that be? We asked Cedric to give us the deets and he told us what we could say is that there’s a show in the works with him and Foxxxxy! 

Would y’all be here for a show featuring this duo? Let us know!

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