This Is The Second Time Floyd Got Denied In Front Of His Girl Medina - This Time By Tiny - Floyd Don't Play With Fire Now!

This Is The Second Time Floyd Got Denied In Front Of His Girl Medina – This Time By Tiny – Floyd Don’t Play With Fire Now!



This is the second time Floyd Mayweather got denied in front of his new boo Medina. We do have to say that his girl Medina looks mighty fly in her get-up for the BET Awards last night boo! Floyd Mayweather spent 70K on her attire and we won’t say she looked like 70K but she looked FABULOUS.

But…how does it feel to be by your man’s side when he got dissed TWICE by other women he was either with or rumored to be with? The first time was with Miss Jackson, his Ex- Fiance the other day ( click here to see ). Then Tiny was passing by him on the red carpet at the BET Awards and he tried to get her attention. Only problem is he got #SWERVED again.

Floyd Mayweather needs to just stop putting himself out there. This goes to prove that money can’t buy you everything. We think Tiny ignored him because for one, she didn’t want anymore problems in her troubled marriage with Rapper T.I. ….and Floyd told T.I. during their confrontation to “Control your b*“. Not only that, he was seen on video saying, “I told T.I., these h ain’t loyal.” With that being said, it’s completely understandable that he would get that kind of reception from her.

By the way, Tiny looked amazing last night at the award show and although she showed up separately to the event, she was sitting in the audience with her boo T.I. they had their arms wrapped up in each other as well and were smiling from ear to ear. We root for love! Go Tiny and T.I.!

Tiny and T.I. at the Bet Awards 2014:

tiny and t.i.

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Watch the video below or click here to watch: 



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