This New Yorker Went Viral For His Unbothered Attitude While Speaking On The City's Heavy Snow

This New Yorker Went Viral For His Unbothered Attitude While Speaking On The City’s Heavy Snow

New Yorkers can really claim a different level of unbothered! One man showed folks online exactly how little snow bugs Big Apple locals. Zhané Caldwell of News 12 Brooklyn interviewed a Brooklyn man named Donnell over the weekend. His cool and collected demeanor, even as the snow whoosed and whipped all around him, gave online users something to smile about. 

Reporter Zhané spoke with Donnell on Saturday morning about the snowy conditions. She first introduced him to the network’s viewers. Then, Zhané asked Donnell what brought him out into the snow.

“I’m just loving the snow. I’m from New York City. This ain’t nothing to me,” Donnell said looking off into the distance. “Brooklyn’s finest, I’m here baby. I love it. I love it. It feel good.”

Afterwards, Donnell took a sip of his coffee just as Zhané asked about the cup in his hand. He interrupted his sip to hold his cup up to the falling snow. He praised the warm drinking, saying “Oh my god it’s good, had to.” Though he looked into the camera as he held up his drink, Donnell also looked out into the distance often.


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At this point, Zhané points out that he’s not wearing gloves in the middle of this snowstorm. She said, “you’re not wearing gloves, nothing, you just…” before trailing off. Donnell immediately jumped in while shaking his head no.

“Born and raised in New York City, this ain’t nothing,” Donnell said referencing the snow. “But it’s going to get worse, I would advise y’all to stay home and stay safe.”

Zhané followed up Donnell’s answer with the question, “where you headed next.”

“I’m really waiting for my job to open, but it look like they might not be opening, but for the meantime imma just chill,” Donnell said. Meanwhile, the snow continued to fall pretty hard as he sipped on his hot drink.

As you may have seen, New York City experienced blizzard-like conditions over the weekend. Different areas received between seven to 13 inches of snow, according to a report by NBC New York.

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