#Roommates, it looks like many people chose to skip watching the #SuperBowl this year as the game was the lowest rated Super Bowl in the last 10 years!


There’s no secret there has been controversy surrounding the Super Bowl and the #NFL at large. However, the controversy is just a small part of a larger conversation of how the organization and NFL owners have blackballed #ColinKaepernick for his silent protest against police brutality and racism that has ultimately left him without a job.


To be clear, as of now there is no way to determine if the low viewership is connected to people supporting Keep, but it sure is coincidental.


Anyway, being that the game was in Atlanta and seemed to be a star-studded weekend leading up to the festivities, that apparently still wasn’t enough to get viewers to watch the game. Granted, not only was it a low scoring game but until the half time show it was pretty uneventful.


Speaking of the half-time show, #Maroon5 headlined the performance with special appearances from #TravisScott and #BigBoy. Now, if y’all watched the halftime performance then y’all know Travis sang a piece of #SickMode and Big Boi only had enough time to sing a droplet from #ILikeTheWayYouMove so people were highly upset.


The New England #Patriots ultimately took the game, with a 13-3 score over the Los Angeles Rams.