In the wee hours of Friday morning, #DJKhaled decided to scalp us in our sleep with new record “Top Off” featuring #Beyoncé, #JayZ and Future.

The song is peppered with shouts of “#FreeMeek!” in both Jay and B’s verse, however, another line in B’s verse has everyone wondering if she took a light jab at comendian #TiffanyHaddish.

Beyoncé raps, “If they tryna party with the queen/
They gon’ have to sign a non-disclosure,” and everyone thinks that that was directed at Tiff! If you recall, the comedian told a story about how she witnesses Bey check an actress for touching Jay-Z’s chest. Now, we don’t know if the lyric is about Tiffany, but Twitter seems to think so! 👀👀

Thankfully, Tiffany is being a good sport about it and tweeted about how she would gladly sign an NDA “any day for Beyoncé.”

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG