#Roommates, we all know our girl #TiffanyHaddish likes to spill tea, and the latest is a little droplet from a time where she almost went on a date with #ChampagnePapi!
On #JadaPinkettSmith’s show #RedTableTalk, Tiffany stopped by and recalled what happened. She went on to say: “You know I was in Drake’s music video, so I was texting Drake and he said let me take you out to dinner.”
Long story short, Tiffany blocked out some time from her very busy schedule but when Tiffany followed up with him, he rescheduled on her citing a “family emergency.” Needless to say, she got the hint!
Tiffany didn’t spill tea on what happened afterwards, but it might be safe to say there’s no love connection.
But that’s fine sis, you just keep counting your coins!

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