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Tiffany “New York” Pollard Freaks Out When She Thinks Housemate David Gest Is Dead! 

Tiffany Pollard A.K.A New York, as some of y’all might know, is a part of the U.K Celebrity Big Brother cast. In the latest episode she had a major hysterical moment over David–kinda by accident. 

David Bowie’s ex wife of 10 years, Angie Bowie happens to be a castemate on the show. When the news broke of David’s passing from cancer on Sunday, a lot of people were undoubtedly moved by the news. 
Angie had went out on a limb to share the tragic news with Tiffany, after agreeing to only share with her two close friends in the house, David Gest and John Partridge. 
So anyways, when she told her, “David died.” Tiffany instantly went into panic mode! Y’all MUST see this video clip; she was shattered, honey –SHATTERED by this news. 
But here’s the thing. Tiffany thought Angie was talking about the other David the house guest and not David Bowie. 
So the housemates hear the commotion and are wondering what in the world is the noise about. Long story short, other housemates caught wind of the conversation and also were under the impression that Gest, not Bowie had passed. They also went OFF. Low and behold, Gest was just fine. Well if you count a little cold as just fine. They did lash out on Angie for the faulty news. But she delivered the truth. 
Sheesh. Anyways y’all must see the clip of Tiffany! At least now Gest knows he would be deeply mourned by his house guests! 

Check out the scene below! 

Source: daily mail –
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