‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic Has Filed An Appeal To Overturn His 22-Year Prison Sentence

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic Has Filed An Appeal To Overturn His 22-Year Prison Sentence

We’ve all been cooped up indoors so I know we’re all pretty much watching the same stuff. Just when it seems like you’ve watched about everything streaming, #Netflix delivered “Tiger King” and it seems many of us decided to take that wild ride.

(Spoiler alert ahead): If you’ve watch the show, then you know that the star of the docuseries, Joe Exotic, is serving 22 years after being convicted in a murder-for-hire plot against his rival, Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin. He was also found guilty of various crimes relating to animal abuse.

According to The Blast, Joe Exotic has filed an appeal in federal court to overturn his prison sentence as he maintains his innocence. Joe has been serving his time at Grady County Jail in Chickasha, Oklahoma, but he’s reportedly in the process of being transferred to a federal facility.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges and as it was brought to light in “Tiger King,” he believes he was set up by his ex-Zoo partner Jeff Lowe and government agencies.

Joe is demanding that his sentence be reviewed by an appellate court. As part of his sentence, he was also ordered to participate in a mental health program once released from prison and has been ordered to abstain from drinking or using drugs before and after the treatment program.

He was also ordered to not have any contact with Carole Baskin.

Also in his sentence, when he gets out, Joe will not be allowed to own any species of animal listed as endangered or prohibited by the law. He also has to allow officials to conduct random searches of his property after being released.

Joe Exotic believes the court ruled in error and wants his whole sentence tossed.

Joe has been busy with the courts as he also recently filed a $94 million lawsuit against Jeff Lowe along with the U.S. Federal Wildlife Service and the United States Department of Interior.

We’ll keep you posted on any updates.



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