Woman Says Biological Mom Faked Her Death To Hide Infidelity

Woman Alleges Her Biological Mom Pretended She Was A Stillborn To Hide Interracial Cheating In Viral TikTok Story

A professional ballerina is receiving waves of support after opening up about her adoption story. Alicia Mae Holloway recently told hundreds of TikTok followers the reason her biological mom chose adoption.

According to Holloway, her biological mom — a white woman — cheated on her husband with a Black man. The result of her infidelity was pregnancy with Alicia. To keep her cheating a secret, Alicia’s biological mom opted for adoption. However, she needed an excuse for why she and her husband weren’t bringing home baby number four.

At the time, the biological mother allegedly already had three children with her husband, who was White. She eventually confessed her indiscretions to her husband. He “wasn’t very happy about that,” Alicia said. But, as a couple, they decided to keep the cheating a secret and give the child up for adoption.

Woman Reveals How Her Biological Mom Hid Her From Family & Friends

Then, the biological mom invented a heartbreaking story to feed curious family and friends waiting to welcome baby number four.

“My biological mom…said, ‘I’m going to tell them that the baby is a stillborn.’ So when August 31, 1996, rolls around, and I’m born, so obviously gives me up for adoption to the two greatest parents I could ever ask for. And then, once my parents took me away, she said that her friends and family sent balloons and flowers and all of these things saying, “I’m so sorry for your loss” because she had told them I died at birth.”

Alicia says she didn’t know this story until days before her 18th birthday. She also claims that her biological mother’s family and friends still don’t know the truth. The apparent exception is her biological mom’s best friend.

Twice a year during Alicia’s upbringing, her adoptive mother allegedly sent her biological mother photos and updates. To keep her living child a secret, the bio-mom received those letters at her best friend’s home.

How The Ballerina’s Adoptive Parents & Bio Mom Met

According to Alicia, her adoptive mother was seeing a psychic in the time leading up to her adoption. During one session, this alleged psychic instructed the adoptive family to attend a meeting for family issues in Washington, Pennslyvania.

Once there, her biological mother allegedly confessed to her cheating scandal, their family’s “racist” background, and financial troubles. All in all, she revealed they were searching for an adoptive family for the child. Alicia’s adoptive mother connected with her birth mother at that meeting, and the rest is history.

See her explanation below.


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The state of Alicia’s current relationship with her biological mom is unknown. However, she revealed in a follow-up TikTok upload that she’s met her biological father, Kenny Morgan.


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