Tim Anderson Pens Wife Post After Son's Mom Slams His Marriage

Tim Anderson Talks ‘Real Life Love’ With Wife Bria After His Son’s Mother Dejah Lanee Slammed Their Married ‘Image’

Over the holiday weekend, Dejah Lanee posted ‘receipts’ of her alleged love with baseball player Tim Anderson. She repeatedly alleged that his marriage to Bria Anderson is nothing but a forced image and narrative.

Days after Dejah’s photos, videos, and jabs at Bria lived on Instagram, Tim hopped online with a birthday message honoring the “real life love” between him and his wife.

“Happy Birthday @_brialove. We know how our hearts/souls feel completely. That’s all that matter fr…I know where your heart sit at and I expressed my heart to you. We did so much work behind the scenes to get to a space where you can find peace and happiness. You know the world is yours when it comes to you and the kids. Today gone be great because it’s your birthday…I don’t give af what nobody say…you know my love, that REAL LIFE love,” Anderson wrote on Sunday (May 28).

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Dejah Lanee first entered the public picture in June 2022–when she posted a video featuring Anderson to Instagram with the text “BabyFather” written on it. In July, she launched her first married-for-the-image accusation after Tim appeared on the red carpet with his wife, Bria, and their two daughters, Peyton and Paxton.

Dejah wrote, “lol not too much tho…but you know, anything for the image” in two separate Insta-Story posts. At the time, Tim and Bria paid the subliminal posts dust online.

Then, in February, he seemingly confirmed his extra-marital affair and resulting son by posting a photo of the infant on his Instagram Story. Tim also shared a photo of his two daughters and a separate post that said, “Everybody ain’t gotta know everything, nobody ain’t gotta know sh*t, really.” 

Dejah Lanee Claims Bria Anderson Posted ‘Old Pics’ With Tim To Get Her ‘Dragged’

Things started heating up between Dejah and Bria late last week–when both women took to Instagram to show Tim Anderson love. Bria posted a photo of Tim kissing her on the cheek, accompanied by Queen Naija’s “Hate Our Love.” Meanwhile, Dejah left heart eye emojis on at least two of Tim’s feed posts and laughing emojis on one–all shared over a year ago.

Not long after, screenshots of Dejah’s alleged ‘Close Friends’ list on Instagram Story leaked online. She shared two posts featuring the married baseball player. Both show them in an embrace, with him gripping her booty in one.

“Y’all see the blogs? That lady posting old pics to get me dragged…I am so tired of this narrative bro. Should I post this? I am so tired of people dragging me for loving who love me,” Dejah wrote.

On the booty-grabbing photo, she added:

“& he swear he love me but ain’t never defended me or spoke the truth. Weird [peach emoticon] I’m tired of this fr.”

Bria Anderson Allegedly Calls Dejah Lanee A ‘Liar,’ Dejah Denies Being A Side Chick And Shares FOOTAGE Featuring Tim

Meanwhile, according to the gossip blog @igmodeltearooom, Bria accused Dejah of being a liar while saying she refuses to give the “known side chick” attention.

“Tell them people she is a LIAR! I’m not playing into the delusion. I am not worried about anyone but, myself and MY FAMILY. I’m not having an internet showdown with a KNOWN SIDE CHICK. I have spared her for long enough. This is WEIRD,” Bria allegedly wrote in an Insta-DM.

It seemed like Dejah immediately clocked the tea because she took to her Insta-Story with several “receipts,” seemingly responding to Bria. She shared a photo of her, Tim, and their newborn on a plane with the words “Where is the lie” written on it.

Meanwhile, Bria had also taken to her Insta-Story with a family photo of her, Tim, and their daughters and a screenshot of a text that said, “That’s that [infinity symbol] love.”


But Dejah didn’t pump the brakes there. She continued sharing footage of Tim’s alleged active involvement in her life–from bonding with her other son from a previous romance to Tim’s presence at THEIR son’s birth.

“He told me he was not w her only for a image & he’s always stayed by himself since I’ve met him,” Dejah wrote in one post.

Another post by Dejah included a photo of her and Tim kissing while she was pregnant with the caption, “spent my entire pregnancy together.”

On a photo of Anderson in the delivery room with her, Dejah wrote:

“Every min…nothing sneaky or side…Bria kill the image & Tim live your truth.”

Lanee added MORE photos, including one of Anderson having skin-to-skin time with his son and hanging out during feeding.

“Ain’t missed a moment before the season started…Kill the image Bria,” Dejah challenged.

And the influencer and hairstylist didn’t end her marriage slam there. She shared videos of Anderson in a restaurant, in a bathroom, and a car with her, and another of him holding their infant.

“Never gave sneaky, never gave side,” Dejah wrote. Adding in another post, “Bro, it never gave he have a wife in the real world just a couple pics.”

Throwing a jab at Bria, Dejah wrote, “Where was you at???” in one post.


Bria Anderson Releases A Statement Following Dejah Lanee’s ‘Receipts’

As Dejah unleashed her receipts on the internet, Bria swapped out her subliminal posts for a statement. She spoke about living in REAL LIFE, including working on her marriage with Tim.

The statement said:

“Moment of authenticity–I know we’re all on social media, but there’s a distinction between the internet and real life. In REAL life, I am a mother and a WIFE that cares about my FAMILY above anything else. My truth is that my husband and I are working on our marriage, and I’m not interested in the internet games. I ask for everyone to respect my family’s privacy. Xo, Mrs. Anderson”

Mr. Anderson said nothing online amid Dejah’s claims and his wife’s statement. However, on Saturday (May 27), when Tim took the field with his Chicago White Sox team, he wore his wife’s name stitched on the ring finger of his baseball glove–a longtime custom of his.

His birthday post for Bria on Sunday was the only “response” to the exchanges. It’s unclear if he’s reached out or spoken to Dejah.

As for Dejah, the subliminal and receipts took a backseat for the remainder of the weekend. However, on Monday (May 29), she shared an Insta-Story post of a SZA tweet that says, “I blocked ur number for the both of us.” Her comment section on all her posts is also limited.



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