Since we’re all literally stuck inside for the foreseeable future, many are coming up with creative way to pass the time and make each other laugh. Tina Knowles recently tried to cheer her followers up on social media, but a hater attempted to ruin the mood—and she got them together swiftly.

If you follow Tina Knowles on social media, then you know that she likes to share videos of herself telling corny jokes—and recently started posting them more regularly as everyone is currently on lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier this week, Tina posted a clip of herself saying, “So did you hear about the corduroy pillows? Yeah, they’re making headlines. Headlines in your head when you lay on it, you know.”

Instead of enjoying Tina’s attempt at humor, one commenter was definitely not amused and wrote this:

“Girl, take them bangs and disappear with your daughter and grandchildren for a little while. We don’t need this right now.”

To which Tina responded with:

“First of all I am not a girl. So try to conjure up a little respect and secondly if you don’t need it then get off my page and go where you like what you see. With love.”

Tina had been absent from Instagram recently because she was recovering from “serious knee surgery,” and once she returned, revealed that she got a lot of requests to start telling her corny jokes once again.

“I know it’s corny but even if you get a little chuckle, it is worth it at this time. We must keep our sense of humor and stick together love you all be safe,” she wrote.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?