Tokyo Jetz Gifts Diapers, Milk & Money To A Mother Who Accidentally Texted Her

Tokyo Jetz Gifts Diapers, Milk & Money To A Mother Who Accidentally Texted Her

Ain’t it something to be a blessing to someone else! Well, that’s the energy rapper Tokyo Jetz gave today. A mother accidentally texted her phone number asking for a can of milk. Instead of brushing the text off, Tokyo began asking the mother questions about her needs. Ultimately, she blessed the family with milk, diapers and money for food.

“Idk how she got my number mixed up but ima just say God work in mysterious ways,” Tokyo wrote on Instagram. “I happened to be 20 minutes away and grabbed all the closet store had.”

Following the interaction, Tokyo Jetz shared screenshots of the text messages to her Instagram account. Along with the texts, there was a short boomerang clip showing a Target purchase of more than four cans of formula and two diaper boxes.

“Sus when you get outta school can you bring me a can of milk fr fr,” the first incoming message said.

Tokyo responded with a “who this” and the woman seemingly gave a name, which Tokyo blocked out with an emoji.

“Who you looking for and what kind of milk you need,” Tokyo said next.

The mother then asked if Tokyo was a specific person, whose name is censored. Tokyo confirmed she’s not who the woman intended to text, but that she’s going to send the milk regardless. Afterwards, the woman sent over details about the milk, diapers and where she lived.


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After she posted the interaction to Instagram, The Shade Room reached out to Tokyo Jetz for details on this wholesome moment.

“She thought I was joking at first lol but she definitely appreciated it and showed me she appreciated it,” Tokyo told TSR.

Beyond the milk and diapers, the artist also gifted the mama some coins via CashApp to spend on food. When we asked Tokyo why she decided to help out, she expressed that the moment felt destined.

“I happened to be in my hometown & she happened to live in my old neighborhood,” Tokyo told TSR. “It just seemed like I was supposed to honestly.”

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