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Tokyo Toni Got Married And Gave A Look At Her New Husband

#Roommates, even though Valentine’s Day has passed some people are still in the loving mood—and that includes Tokyo Toni. She recently surprised fans by getting married and posting the photos of her and her new hubby for all of social media to see.

It’s never too late to find love and apparently Tokyo Toni is taking that motto to heart. Based on recent photos circulating on social media, it appears that she recently got married. However, she didn’t she get married to just anyone, she actually remarried her ex-husband, Marcellus Hunter.

During a livestream of the nuptials, Tokyo Toni is seen wearing a white wedding dress and matching veil, while Marcellus is captured in a tuxedo with a white blazer and black bow tie. The couple then stand in front of their officiator of the ceremony, as he officially announces them husband and wife (again) with a small group clapping, cheering and congratulating.

For a bit of backstory on the newly married couple, here you go. Tokyo Toni and Marcellus were initially married back in 2012 before divorcing five years later in 2017. Things got a bit messy during their breakup because Marcellus got a restraining order against her after she allegedly threatened to physically assault him.

Tokyo Toni’s daughter, Blac Chyna was also on hand at the ceremony, which many fans were surprised to see given their extremely rocky relationship throughout the years. Nevertheless, she looked excited to see her mother exchanging vows once again.


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