WATCH: Tommie Lee Apologizes To Chris Brown For Aeko Insults

VIDEO: Tommie Lee Apologizes To Chris Brown And Ammika Harris For Comments About Aeko: ‘That’s Not My Character’

Tommie Lee took the opportunity at a Wednesday (Feb. 22) press conference to apologize to Chris Brown and Ammika Harris for her offensive remarks about their son Aeko.

“I want to start off by addressing the elephant in the room. I love the children, I love the children. Last night, you know, in defense mode, I just want to apologize Chris Brown and his baby mother because that’s not my character. It started off as a friendly, you know, sport of it. It got real, it happened. We all human and I’m just here to knock this b***h out at this point.”

Lee apologized during a press conference for her Feb. 25 boxing match with Natalie Nunn in London.


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The reality TV star is a trending topic on social media for commenting on Aeko’s physical appearance after being denied access to him. Zeus Network’s Natalie and Rollie allege that Tommie attempted to greet Aeko in a private room backstage at Brown’s Manchester, London tour stop.

When someone from Brown’s team, allegedly Ammika, closed the door in Tommie’s face, Rollie alleges Lee reacted by slamming on the door and shouting, “fuck Chris Brown’s baby.” 

Following their accusations, Lee went on Instagram Live to give her side of the incident. The result was a slew of insults for Brown and his three-year-old son.

“I don’t give no f**k about no motherf***ing baby. F**k your baby and f**k his daddy too. The fuck, really,” Tommie said. “I ain’t pressed ’bout no motherf**king baby. F**k him. All y’all look albino as f**k, f**k all y’all motherf**kers. B***h. That baby look like he got a lil’ something going on with him. I’m scared of the baby b***h. Them eyes cock like a pistol b***h. I don’t care about that baby.”


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Tommie Lee And Natalie Get Into Physical Night Presumably On The Same Night Of Backstage Incident

Amid Natalie, Rollie, Tommie, and even Jonathan Wright’s versions of the stories were footage of a physical altercation between Natalie and Tommie. It’s unclear if the fight took place backstage following the incident with Brown’s toddler and team.

However, a woman dressed in a pink one-piece with blond hair appears in footage of the fight and in the live-streamed video of Nunn and Rollie telling the backstage incident story.

The fight clip shows Lee, with an unidentified beverage in hand, walking near Nunn, who was seated and eating. Suddenly, Lee slaps Nunn in the face, and the reality TV producer reacts by swinging fists.

Tommie partially yanks off Nunn’s wig, and Natalie falls to the floor before security pulls them apart. Again, it’s unclear when the fight took place. But, in addition to the pink-suit woman appearing in all the footage, Nunn also shared content of her ‘wigless’ night out in the London streets to her Instagram Story.

During today’s press conference, Lee exited the room after issuing her apology. Natalie heckled the former Love & Hip-Hop:ATL as she exited the conference space.


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