As you all know, the government has been adamant about people remaining home and practicing social distancing as the coronavirus continues to spread.

On Sunday, former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member Tommie took to social media to remind her followers that they should be grateful for what they have during this time because there are others that are not as fortunate.

In the post, which was made to her Instagram story, Tommie was seen giving money to a homeless woman. There was also a homeless man that was in the same area as well, however, Tommie recommended that as a man he should put forth the effort making a way for himself instead of asking women (herself and the homeless woman) for money.

Tommie said to her followers, “I really want to show these people that’s on here stressing about ‘Oh my God we so stuck in the house.’ This is what’s going on, you hear what I’m saying. Ya’ll talking about being stuck in the house, and ya’ll so bored, look at what other people are going through.”

She followed up with a texted post that read, “Next time ya’ll get tired of being in the house, Ima show ya’ll some more people tired of being outside, tighten up!”

Some people thought her delivery for her message could have been better, while others thought that her example and message was right on time and needed to be heard during this time.


What are your thoughts on Tommie’s message?


TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94