Tommie Lee says 50 Cent blocked her after she asked to play Ghost's girl

Tommie Lee Says She Hates 50 Cent–Says He Blocked Her After She Asked Him To Be Ghost’s Girlfriend On ‘Power’

“They say this is a big, rich town” and 50 Cent apparently does not want Tommie Lee to have any parts—literally and figuratively.

Tommie Lee was on IG live chopping it up with her fans when she explained why she “hates” 50 Cent. Tommie shares that she’s always wanted to be on the hit series “Power”, and according to her, she DM’d 50 Cent with some ideas on how she could be incorporated in the show.

“Everybody knows that I wanna be on #Power, but I absolutely HATE 50 Cent,” she explains. “All I said was—I had DM’d him I said—‘I got an idea for ‘Power’, I got an idea for ‘Power’, I should be Ghost’s girlfriend—just throwing that out there’”.

“That motherf****r blocked me,” she recalls. “He’s such an a**hole and I think I woulda done really good on ‘Power’”.

Tommie then goes on to explain how she wants to challenge herself in the acting world, saying, “I wanna be in something like that, like some gangsta vibes.”

“With the acting sh*t, I wanna challenge myself and be someone other than myself. It’s easy playing a ride or die, it’s easy playing a gangsta. It’s easy playing all of that sh*t,” she said.  “I wanna play something that is not expected of me and that’s how I really know that’s how I know ‘alright I’m doing this’, when I touch a role like that.”

I suppose there’s only room for one ‘Tommy’ on ‘Power’, chile!! What do y’all think Roommates, would Tommie Lee have been a good addition to the ‘Power’ family?

Regardless, y’all can still catch her on the big screen as she’s starring in ‘True To The Game 3’ alongside ‘Prison Bae’, a.k.a Jeremy Meeks. Catch up on all that tea below!

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TSR STAFF: Brianne D! @beedev_ _____________________________________ #TSRExclusiveDetails: #TommieLee was posted up on the 'gram with #JeremyMeeks just a few days ago #Roomies, and we got the drop on what the two have been working on! _____________________________________ If y'all are fans of reading, you know that #TrueToTheGame is one of the littest books to be turned into a film for the black community! The first film came out back in 2017, the second one is set to to drop this November, and the third film is coming to y'all in 2021. _____________________________________ A source has exclusively confirmed with us that the film will be released in the first quarter of 2021. Jeremy plays a hustler on the streets of Philly, who is joined by his ride or die chick, played by Tommie! _____________________________________ While some of the details of the movie need to remain under wraps, we can say that the movie, produced by Manny Hally, will also star some of—click the link in our bio to read more!

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