Top 5 Reads From Last Night's 'The Daily Show' With Trevor Noah & Tomi Lahren

Top 5 Reads From Last Night’s ‘The Daily Show’ With Trevor Noah & Tomi Lahren

1.) “Why are you so angry? You can’t say you’re not angry when it’s the one thing you’re known for. It’s like Ellen [DeGeneres] saying, ‘I don’t like dancing.’ You are angry about everything, it seems.”

This was the opening statement made by Trevor in which he tried to figure out why Tomi goes in so bad. The political commentator proceeded to explain that she isn’t angry. She just feels that people “need to be called out on their sh*t,” because it’s “time to make America great again.”

2.) “You are the same person who argued on your show that just because Trump has supporters from the KKK doesn’t mean he’s in the KKK.”

Here, Tomi got a quick lesson about generalizing an entire group of people. She feels that the select few Black Lives Matter protesters that happened to be violent we’re working on behalf of the entire movement. For some reason, she didn’t agree with Trevor’s rebuttal…hmph!

3.) “You don’t see color? So, what do you do at a traffic light? Um, I don’t believe in that at all when people say that. There’s nothing wrong with seeing color, it’s how you treat color that’s more important.”

Miss Lahren tried to reassure everyone that she’s not racist by using the token phrase: “I don’t see color.” As you can see, Trevor acted on his chance for more sarcasm!

4.) Trevor: “You consider yourself to be a conservative?”

Tomi: “I do. I’m a millennial, so I don’t really like labels, but yes, I’m conservative in thought.”

Trevor: *Blank stare* “My brain… You just… gave a label to say you don’t like labels…”.

That awkward moment when Tomi Lahren totally contradicted herself.

5.) “No one brought up white at all, I never said that, I don’t see color.”

Tomi had simply asked if she wasn’t allowed to talk about black issues since she is white. Trevor just hit her back with a dose of her own medicine.

If you guys have not watched the Daily Show interview between these two, then check it out below! Surprisingly, Tomi and Trevor had a nice, clean conversation which is to be commended.

The Final Scorecard For the Tomi Lahren v. Trevor Noah Showdown on Last Night’s Daily Show

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