TopShelf Performance Coaches Address Cam Newton Altercation

Whew! TopShelf Performance Coaches Address Physical Altercation With Cam Newton (Video)

Two TopShelf Performance coaches are opening up about what spurred the viral altercation with former NFL player Cam Newton. As The Shade Room previously reported, on Sunday, February 25, footage surfaced of the men in what appeared to be a heated tussle.

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Here’s What The TopShelf Performance Coaches Said

TopShelf coaches TJ and Steph Brown recently appeared for an exclusive interview on Atlanta’s radio station 105.3 The Beat, per Fox News. According to the radio station’s official Instagram account, footage was released of the interview on Monday, February 26.

During the conversation, the coaches were asked to share what prompted the anger between them. But the coaches began by sharing an apology to those impacted by the incident.

“First and foremost, what I want to do is I wanna apologize to everybody that was out there and to the parents of not just our team but everybody,” TJ explained. “Like, that should’ve never happened. We should’ve been able to sit down and talk. There’s no reason we should be yelling at each other while a game’s going on… Ain’t none of that necessary.”

From there, TJ Brown explained that Cam Newton runs a sports organization called C1N. Brown explained there was “a lot of trash talk” from Newton, presumably leading up to Sunday’s 7 v 7 football tournament.

According to TJ, Newton’s comments allegedly continued at the tournament.

“Just out of nowhere just talking crazy to us for no reason and it’s like, it’s not nothing new… this is typical Cam Newton behavior,” he continued.

However, TJ shared that he saw Newton getting in his little brother Steph’s face at the event and then grabbing him.

Watch his full recap of events below and also take a look at Brown’s official statement on the matter below.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users have shared their responses to the coach’s explanation in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @_drh3 wrote, Can’t handle trash talking? Professional sports might not be for you.”
While Instagram user @thequeenpo added, I don’t condone violence…and they shouldn’t have either cuz the way Cam razzled y’all dazzle 🥴 ALL 5 OF YALL 🫤”
Instagram user @flyy3k wrote, Cam is gonna on Club Shay Shay next to tell his side 😭😭😭”
While Instagram user @coopdajuice added, Never fight a person who smiles ear to ear before & during an altercation”
Instagram user @passport_cutty wrote, “So y’all coaching boys but still fighting over words? What type of example are you setting? Everyone needs to go to therapy. Lawd.”
While Instagram user @sippi_chic reiterated, You shouldn’t be doing anything sport related if you can’t handle trash talk”

A Brief Recap Of The Viral Rumble

As The Shade Room previously reported, the 7 v 7 football tournament reportedly took place in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, February 25. The tournament primarily consisted of youth teams with participants 18 years old and younger.

However, amid the day’s event, footage camptured Newton rumblin’ and tusslin’ with multiple TopShelf coaches. The footage immediately went viral.

At this time, Cam Newton has yet to publicly address the incident.

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