Jasmin Brown Addresses Backlash Over Third Co-Parent Joke

Aht Aht! Jasmin Brown Addresses Backlash Over Cam Newton Third Co-Parent Joke (Video)

Jasmin Brown hasn’t been able to catch a break since a clip from her stand-up comedy show went viral this week — and now she’s responding to the backlash.

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On Friday, the soon-to-be mother of Cam Newton‘s sixth baby broke her silence following the heavy backlash that came with her joke about being the athlete’s third co-parent.

Jasmin gagged the audience with her recent stand-up while making a string of jokes about her pregnancy and how she set to become one of several women who’ve welcomed a child with him.

“I’m the third one, and this is his sixth child,” Jasmin said on stage. “Somebody [in the audience] said ‘Ooh couldn’t have been me.’ Aight, until a rich n***a put that pressure on you.”

Many fans understood her comment to have been a light-hearted joke. But other social media users weren’t that enthusiastic, insisting that there was nothing to glorify about being one of multiple women who’ve had a baby by Cam.

Jasmin Brown Claps Back

In response to those who were less than amused by the joke, Jasmin took to Instagram and thanked those who had checked on her following the controversy that came with the release of the video. The ‘Caught Up’ star felt perplexed when she started receiving comments from people attempting to uplift her spirit, thinking the backlash might have hurt her feelings.

“I don’t read into that sh**,” she said. “You know what I’m doing? I just had dinner with my man and my bonus children […] You know what else I’m doing? About to get ice cream with my man and my bonus children.”

Jasmin reiterated that she couldn’t care less about the criticism that’s been thrown her way for how she chooses to live her life, adding that she stands by everything that she said in the viral video.

She ended her post by saying she was going to attend to her man, which seemed to imply that while people have been up in arms about her joke, things were just fine back at home.

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