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Tory Lanez Alleges Spotify Removed His New Music But Added It Back On The Platform

Tory Lanez has had an interesting 2020 and it seems like the saga continues. 

On Monday the artist tweeted that Spotify removed his new album, then placed it back on the streaming platform.

Tory tweeted, “So they took the “loner capsule” off Spotify this morning for a reason I don’t know ……. after a few hours …. they put it back …” he tweeted.

Tory continued to say that while the album is now available on Spotify again, fans may have to download the album one more time, in order to access it. He tweeted, “Now the capsule is not in a lot of my fans [libraries] anymore…so I apologize if u have to re download … I just clearly can’t catch a break.”

Most recently, Tory gifted a young lady who clearly doesn’t see it for him or his music with $2,500.

After expressing that Tory’s fans called her broke because she created a GoFundMe account while criticizing him, Lanez came to the rescue.

On Twitter, the young lady wrote, “Most of the Tory fans I argued with today brought up my gofundme talkin bout I’m broke and my dad hates me. But the second I said ‘if its a problem I have a gofundme, donate and I will no longer have it’ it got quiet as f*ck. You see the problem???” 

Even getting into it with Tory’s fans, the singer replied and asked for her Cash App.

“The problem is they don’t know you just like you don’t know me. But today, f*ck it…ima help you out, send me your cash app and I’ll send you the money [you] need to get rid of that “Go Fund Me”… lol you lucky I gotta big heart.”

Though Tory sent her the money, homegirl still didn’t see it for him. 

She tweeted, “Tory Lanez music is still trash in my opinion. I appreciate him for giving me much needed funds but I stand on my opinion. What you thought??”

As y’all know Tory’s shooting incident with Megan Thee Stallion is still an active case. Tory is facing three felony charges in connection to Megan’s shooting, including assault with a handgun. If convicted, Tory is looking at a maximum sentence of 22 years.

Both sides head back to court on January 20th, 2021. We’ll keep you posted, Roommates.

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