Roommates, now that everyone has tons of free time on their hands due to self-quarantine and social distancing, it leaves time to express a lot of opinions. Tory Lanez decided to hop on social media and get some things off his chest regarding women who get plastic surgery and pretend that their bodies were made in the gym.

Social media is where many of us vent about whatever is on our mind—and Tory Lanez has a message for all you women out there who are not keeping it real…at least in his eyes. He recently took to Twitter to call out all the women who’ve had plastic surgery, but are faking about how they really got snatched.

Tory posted this message:

“How you gone get ya a** done, and then start coming to the gram doing squats and workouts like u got that ass by being healthy and working out.. if it ain’t real it ain’t real. We ain’t trippin….. Lmao”

 His comments sparked quite the debate on social media, as some were totally in agreeance with his opinions, while others felt that he was being hypocritical because the women that he has praised and been seen with in the past have had the same surgery he claims to have issues with.

As the days go by, expect to see more celebrities giving their unfiltered opinion on a variety of issues as we settle into this #QuarantineLife.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?