Tory Lanez Shares A Tweet About People Who Tried To Smear His Image

Tory Lanez Shares A Tweet About People Who Tried To Smear His Image

If you’re going to give, make sure it’s from the heart! We are always seeing people do random acts of kindness on social media, and sometimes people question if the intentions are good. Well, when it comes to Tory Lanez, he wants folks to know that when he does something nice for others that it’s out of love. Today he shared this tweet on Twitter, “When I do something nice, it’s genuinely out of the love of my heart and the pain I feel for people in need … I don’t care about repairing an image that people tried to smear and couldn’t … All I can do is play my part. And I’m proud of the part I play.” Tory continued, “No beauty shines harder than a good heart.”


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Tory has been in a generous mood lately following his live virtual performance of his “PLAYBOY CAPSULE.” If you recall, yesterday, he tweeted that he plans on creating a funding system for independent women with small businesses. He urged his female fans to contact him through his DM. Chile, he even said he would be helping people were student loans.

Although Tory did a good deed, some folks are not over the alleged shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion. One Roommate commented, “I don’t recall him donating to women before he allegedly shot one. That’s the issue.” Another commented, “You “smeared” your own image, dude. Don’t put that on anybody else. Take responsibility for your actions. Not saying you shot the girl. Just stop trying to make it seem like everyone is against you, bruh.”

Right now, we’re still waiting on the next court date for Tory and Megan to find out more details involving the shooting.

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