If you had the chance to Instagram creep lately on Memphitz page, you could probably draw the conclusion that he is a desperate attention seeker. A lot of social media activity also raised eyebrows about his marriage to Toya, we recently posted a Instagram pic of Memphitz in bed with a bunch of half naked girls captioning the picture “new hobbies”.

Well Toya has finally broken her silence and has indeed confirmed that she and the former music producer are separated.

In an interview with Necole Bitchie, Toya opens up about the fact that Memphitz, who she met at T-pain’s album release party a project that Memphitz had worked on, isn’t the same casanova who swept her off her feet when she first met him eight years ago.

He just has a good heart. He’s a genuine person, he’s very respectful. And it’s crazy that I say these things because the person that he portrays to be on Instagram these last few months is not really who he is. That’s a part of the crazy sh*t that they’ve turned him into. I’m like- who are you? I don’t even know you.”

She also talks about how her four year marriage began to fail after the allegations of him beating his ex, K Michelle, surfaced. She describes him having a mental break down and having to see a psychiatrist as well as acting out on social media to deal with being blackballed in the industry and the backlash from haters.


It was more so ‘pray for our situation’ and what he’s going through. The whole situation has turned him into- you know- acting like the person you see on social media and that’s really not him. It’s bigger than me and all this other stuff that they’re thinking. It’s something that he’s going through- something this whole lawsuit and defaming his character- it has turned him into this person. That is posting the cowboy pics, saying dumb stuff ‘The Joker,’ and this and this and that, I’m like ‘Who the hell are you?’ the person I met would never do nothing like that. Like, the old Mickey- like, who are you?

It’’s turning him into someone else. I guess he’s finally reaching his breaking point and I guess that’s his way of reacting and expressing himself now. Because I don’t even understand it. That’s why I pray everyday.

I try to put myself in his shoes. I’m with you, you know, he even do his stuff with the counselor where he talks to people about the whole situation. It’s a lot, it’s deep. It’s real deep.

Seems like she is sticking to her vows of “throw thick and thin, for better or for worse” as she talks about praying for Memphitz and fighting to keep her marriage together but she remains unclear on what the future holds for her marriage.

He’s slowly coming back around. It looks like he’s trying to get his sh*t together or whatever.

Some people, I just feel like whats meant to be is meant to me. And if we’re mean to be just friends, then that’s just what it is. I still want what’s best for him regardless.

I don’t doubt that he loves me. He’s one of these guys- I don’t think he can handle being in my shadow, if that makes sense. He’s used to having [and] doing his own[thing]. And to be honest with you, Mickey and I are two different people. I’m like the more- I watch, I care about my image. And I care about the things I do. And some things, I’m very classy with stuff. Like I don’t just throw stuff out there and do anything.

Him on the other hand, he’s not me. He’s not the perfect, America sweetheart guy. He’s rough around the edges. He’s risky. He’ll do anything and that’s the one thing that we struggle with is that we’re two different people from two different worlds.

Toya dishes more about turning down Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and her marriage to Lil Wayne compared to her current one and much more all on Necole Bitchie’s website, check out the rest of the interview there.

I don’t know about ya’ll but Toya is looking like the definition of a down ass chick, this interview really touched my heart. It’s good to see women sticking by their man no matter what, how many of ya’ll would stick by their significant other like this? We wish them the best! Let’s chat below.

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