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Tracy Morgan Is Back As if He Never Left

Comedian/actor, Tracy Morgan made an impactful appearance at the 2015 Emmy Awards after his tragic accident that occurred last year on June 7.


At the Emmys, Morgan received a standing ovation as he walked onto the stage to present an award for Best Drama Series.” Celebrities like L.L Cool J, Kerry Washington, and Anthony Anderson were some of many who welcomed Morgan to the stage.


I miss you guys so much, . Last year Jimmy Kimmel sat on the stage and said well see you back here next year(Morgan pauses). Well, Jimmy thanks to my amazing doctors, support of my family, and my beautiful new wife Im here.” 


As Morgan gathers his thoughts on stage to publicly tell everyone how he was in coma for eight days, he comes in with a humorous twist when mentioning his accident. I was just as ecstatic to learn that I wasnt the one who messed up.


He wouldnt be Tracy Morgan if he didnt come out with more humorous punch lines as he mentions what might go down at the Emmys after party. Only recently Ive started to feel like myself again, which means that y’all women are gonna get pregnant at the afterparty.


Last year, Tracy Morgan was involved in a major accident on New Jersey Turnpike after a Walmart truck driver rear-ended Morgans limousine truck which ultimately claimed the life of  Morgans longtime friend and comedian, James McNair.  Several others were also in the vehicle, but only suffered minor injuries. The truck driver was found to be suffering from fatigue after spend 12 hours driving and nearly 14 hours working. 


Tracy Morgan suffered traumatic brain injuries and the accident left him with broken legs and ribs.  Even though Morgan is not out of the legal woods yet he is definitely making a comeback to the life he used to live.


The comedian will be appearing back on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on October 17 which will air on NBC network. It will be season 41 for SNL and this couldnt be a better time to come back as hell be hosting the new season along side  Miley Cyrus and Amy Schumer for the month.


Reminiscing back to his years of comedy, hes more than happy to be back and only hopes to still make people laugh, as he mentioned during an interview with NBC News Today Exclusive” this past June. I love comedy. And I wonder how Im going to be funny againhow Im going to get to it. The fans let me know we cant wait for you to come back. I cant wait to make them laugh again.” 

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