Whew!! Tracy Morgan just cannot catch a break on the road! He was reportedly involved in a minor accident in NYC this afternoon.
According to TMZ, Tracy was driving down a busy NYC street Tuesday when an SUV sideswiped his brand new Bugatti. The vehicle still had plates from the dealership, as Tracy purchased the vehicle just 15 minutes before the accident!
Tracy had just pulled off the lot in the 2012 Bugatti Veyron from Manhattan Motorcars when a Honda-CR-V reportedly tried to make a last-second right turn and sideswiped Tracy. The vehicle is now reportedly back at the dealer being assessed for the damage.
The car is estimated to be worth a whopping $2 million.
Although there were no fatalities reported, law enforcement tells TMZ Tracy complained of pain after the incident, and was taken to a nearby hospital.
If y’all remember, Tracy hasn’t been so lucky when it comes to touching road! He was involved in a fatal car crash some years back on the New Jersey Turnpike.
Tracy won a $90 million settlement after a Walmart truck crashed into his limo van, killing Tracy’s friend and leaving him in critical condition.
The legal process was not pretty! The man who hit Tracy was charged with death by auto and assault by auto, but fought hard for his charges to be dropped!
Tracy was not ticketed for the incident in NYC, and is awaiting his bill from the dealership for repairs. We are glad that everyone involved came out safe!