Now we know y’all have been getting creative about how to spend your time while you’re in quarantine, and for those of y’all who are inside with your quaran-tings, we already know what y’all are up to! And it looks like Tracy Morgan and his wife are doing the same.

Hoda Kotb caught up with Tracy on the TODAY Show, and he spoke very frankly about how he’s been spending his time at home. He says he and his wife have been role-playing a lot, and she’s been pregnant three times in the three weeks that they have been in isolation.

“She’s been playing the young maiden whose grandfather was infected with coronavirus,” he said. “And I’m the scientist who discovered the cure, and she’ll do anything to save her grandfather’s life. And I mean anything.”

Now y’all know Tracy is not one to hold his tongue, and you either love his humor or you absolutely hate it. While some knew Tracy was just trying to get some laughs, others were not here for what he said: