Roommates, Atlanta Hawks’ point guard Trae Young just did something incredible for Atlanta residents in need. According to Wsbtv, Trae has reportedly teamed up with RIP Medical Debit to help relieve more than $1M in past due medical debts for Atlanta residents who couldn’t pay them.

When asked about the very kind act, Trae said: “The city of Atlanta has welcomed me with open arms. Giving back to this community is extremely important to me. I hope these families can find a bit of relief knowing that their bills have been taken care of as we enter the New Year.”

RIP Medical is a nonprofit that started in 2014 by former debt collectors. They specialize in giving relief to those who can not afford to pay their medical bills.

Apparently, Trae donated $10k through his foundation. The 21-year-old point guard is making it a point to show the city as much love as he feels he’s gotten. Trae took to twitter to thank the non profit and his team that helped make this vision a reality, saying: “Blessed to have such a Great Team around me to help me make this happen … #MakeADifference.”

We love seeing this type of positivity!! Go ‘head Trae!