Looks like some of that #Astroworld shmoney is going toward Travis Scott’s legal troubles. After going to court for skipping a Super Bowl performance, a jury concluded that Travis has to cough up a whole lot of cash.

According to TMZ, entertainment and events company PJAM filed a lawsuit against Travis back in March 2018, claiming he skipped out on a Minnesota concert the night before the Super Bowl.

Travis was ordered to pay $382,932.79, to be exact–a verdict his attorney, Howard King, is not too happy about.

“The jury verdict of $383k is disappointing, but far less than the seven figure demands made by promoters,” King said. We believe the verdict will be substantially reduced or overturned in subsequent proceedings.”

Travis reportedly broke the deal he had made with PJAM after they paid him $150k up front and a private jet to perform. PJAM was notified hours before the show that Travis was not going to be making an appearance.

A source told TMZ at the time that Travis cancelling was due to weather and some scheduling concerns, but according to the lawsuit, PJAM claims Travis refused to show up.

He did, however, make other scheduled appearances throughout the weekend and on Super Bowl Sunday.

Some speculate Travis skipped out on the concert to spend time with baby Stormi, who had been born just days before on February 1st, but the reason is still unclear.

PJAM sued Travis for the $150,000 fee for the gig and additional damages, and it looks like they may just get what they asked for and then some.