Trey Songz Explains Why He Didn’t Sign Drake Years Ago

Trey Songz Explains Why He Didn’t Sign Drake Years Ago

Trey Songz has been in the music industry for years now and no doubt he has hella bops that still go hard today! I don’t know about y’all, but I had no clue that Trey had an opportunity to sign Drake back in 2007 and decided not to. Trey spilled the tea in an exclusive interview with Big Boy on Big Boy TV.

“Drake wanted to sign to me, but I couldn’t do what needed to be done for him. I saw the talent in him,” he said.

According to HotNewHipHop, Trey wasn’t in the position to help Drake like he could today with his career. Trey told Big Boy that when he met Drake back in 2007, he was living in his manager’s unfinished basement.


“This was likely back in 2007, Drake was not primarily focused on his songwriting process. Trey Songz, as I said before, was living in an unfinished basement – his studio setup was pretty minimal. We’re talking two mic outputs and a 14-inch laptop, and the natural acoustic of the housing unit.”

“As the story goes, Drake comes in sporting Moncler jacket, with his “Replacement Girl” demo reel in hand. Trey muttered to himself upon shaking Drake’s hand, “Who’s this light-skinned guy?” he thought. In reality, it didn’t take long for Drake to win him over.”

Trey ended up hopping on Drake’s “Replacement Girl” a few months later in 2007, and have many fans wondering when the two will collab again.

Can you imagine if Drake would have signed to Trigga?


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