Trey Songz Sued For Alleged 2015 Sexual Assault Of 2 Women

REPORT: Trey Songz Sued For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Two Women At House Party In 2015

Trey Songz has reportedly been hit with a new lawsuit from two women. According to TMZ, the women allege that Songz sexually assaulted them at a Los Angeles mansion party in 2015.

The suit arrives five months after the singer was hit with a $10 million lawsuit for allegedly exposing a woman at a pool party in 2013.

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More Information Regarding The New Suit & Alleged Incident

According to TMZ, the new lawsuit accuses Songz of sexual assault and battery of two women. The women reportedly allege that they met the singer at a concert of his concert in June 2015.

Afterward, they were reportedly invited to an after-party hosted by Songz, and there they were asked to attend his birthday party at his home in August.

The women allege they took an Uber to Songz’s home for the event. There, they were reportedly asked to “give a password” and hand over their phones to enter. Once inside, the women noted that a large number of females were in attendance, in contrast to males.

The women allege they were “pressured to drink alcohol from unsealed bottles.” Furthermore, they added that soon after, they felt “overwhelmingly intoxicated” despite only drinking minimally.

TRIGGER WARNING: This portion of the article contains content related to sexual assault.

The women alleged that at that point, Songz walked over to them. He then led them to an upstairs bedroom, where they “passed out” fully clothed.

The next morning, the women say they woke up naked with Songz allegedly “forcing himself on them.”

One woman added that the singer gave her “nonconsensual oral sex,” as he allegedly “overpowered” her efforts to resist. The other woman alleged that  Songz was biting areas of her breast while forcing his fingers inside her genitalia.

From there, the women alleged that Songz ordered them to shower with him. However, they resisted, which allegedly enraged the singer.

“You are little f*****g girls, get the f**k out of my house,” Songz allegedly told them.

The women allege that Songz “refused to turn over their phones” as they attempted to leave. However, at that point, one of his security guards stepped in, returning their items, which allowed them to call an Uber.

Trey Songz’s Attorney Responds

TMZ reports that the women, whose identities have not been disclosed, are suing Songz for damages they’ve reportedly experienced due to their “lasting injuries from the alleged incident.”

However, the singer’s lawyer, Michael Freedman, believes Songz will be vindicated “on the merits in court.”

“This is yet another example of nearly decade-old allegations being repurposed to take advantage of California’s constitutionally questionable new look back window,” Freedman explained in a statement to TMZ Wednesday. “We look forward to vindicating Trey on the merits in court.”

A Brief Look At Prior Allegations Against Trey Songz & Subsequent Lawsuits

We must note that this is not the first time Songz has been hit with a lawsuit in relation to his alleged treatment of women. In June, Songz, his production company, Atlantic Records, and his manager, Kevin Liles, were hit with a $10 million sexual assault and battery lawsuit, per The Shade Room.

Additionally, the “Jane Doe” plaintiff accused Songz of grabbing and exposing her breasts at a pool party in 2013.

At the time, Freedman referred to the suit as “taking advantage of California’s constitutionally questionable new ‘look-back window.” Additionally, the attorney echoed his present statement of Songz being vindicated in court.

Furthermore, in February, a suit was re-filed by another Jane Doe who accused Songz of sexual battery in 2016. The case also listed Songz’s production company, Atlantic Records, and Kevin Liles as defendants because they reportedly were aware of Songz’s “sexual proclivities” and allegedly “failed to keep Trey under control.”

At the time, Songz reportedly shared a brief statement seemingly in response to the lawsuit.

“Lies will never be the truth, no matter who chooses to believe such,” the singer said, per The Shade Room.

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