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Trina Drags Nikki Natural During “Love & Hip Hop Miami” Reunion

Roommates, part one of the “Love & Hip Hop Miami” reunion recently aired—and as expected, it was filled with drama. Series star Trina absolutely annihilated Nikki Natural when the two got into a verbal altercation that even spilled over into the backstage area and had Nikki running for cover.

It was the beef that was brewing all season and it all came to a head during the season 3 “Love & Hip Hop Miami” reunion. Trina and Nikki Natural got into an argument, but it wasn’t just a regular exchange of words, as Trina exploded on her so intensely that she ran backstage to escape all the madness.

As she had done all season, Trina called out Nikki for being disrespectful to her, saying, “Everyone here knows you never see me disrespect nobody.” Trina also later added:

“This woman will not be nowhere in my space. I’m not disrespectful. I give a respect to any and everybody that comes up under me. Be honest, you’re beneath me, you’re always be. Don’t ever f**king get that twisted. … I would never give any b**ches that beneath me a chance to be under me.”

This prompted Nikki to fire back with, “How are you a role model? Look at you. You look like a mess.” That’s when Trina went for the jugular and brough up Nikki’s children, calling them “dirty a** kids.” Nikki was then escorted to a separate room.

After the show, Nikki posted the following message to Trina regarding her bringing up her children:

“@trinarockstarr I thought they would cut this part off of the show but thank God they finally showing your TRUE COLORS .. Looking back at this, after living it .. Brought back so many Emotions ????this So called Beef was never that serious to the point you had to bring my INNOCENT 3 KINGS ???????????????????????? into this ???? You can talk about me .. me having braces.. me being a so called wack artist.. or whatever BUT how could you ever sit here and call yourself a ROLE MODEL and put my children in the mix and call them DIRTY ???? …?????? (Out of all the filming we did all season … this is by far the only thing that has me in tears right now, especially after this Crown Apple done kicked in ????”

Pretty sure we won’t see Nikki Natural on the next season of “LHHMIA.”


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?


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