Trina Goes Off On A Walmart Customer Who Allegedly Called Her A "N***er B**ch"

Trina Goes Off On A Walmart Customer Who Allegedly Called Her A “N***er B**ch”

Roommates, Trina’s trip to a Florida Walmart went left when another customer allegedly called her a “n***er b**ch,” and authorities ended up pulling up on the scene.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Trina can be seen and heard confronting the customer who threw the racial slur at her. She may have been cussing and screaming, but based on the events, it looks like it was warranted.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a woman inside of the Walmart in Cooper City Florida called the police after people stand yelling and screaming at each other inside the store. Witnesses who were there tell TMZ Trina apparently bumped into another woman in an aisle and the lady’s response was, “Watch out, you n***er b**ch.”

Trina lost her cool, and another customer caught the entire thing on video. Trina can be heard screaming at the woman saying, “say it again you dirty a** b*tch! I am a n***er b*tch. Say it again! I dare you to say it!”

Authorities say they didn’t take a police report because Trina insisted against filing one. Officers reportedly escorted her out of the store and to her car, apparently for her safety.

Police, however, did not speak with the woman who threw the racial slur. Trina and her team have not yet commented on the situation, but we’re glad she isn’t dealing with any consequences for defending herself.

What are your thoughts, Roomies? Was Trina right for defending herself, or did she do entirely too much? Let us know in the comments!


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