Tristan Thompson Allegedly Told Maralee Nichols He Was Engaged

Tristan Thompson Allegedly Told Maralee Nichols He Was Engaged To Khloe Kardashian Amid Paternity Suit

The saga continues! Just when it seemed like Tristan Thompson’s name wasn’t in the headlines, he’s back again. New information about the ongoing lawsuit with Maralee Nicholas, the mother of his youngest child, Theo, has emerged, and the details are pretty interesting.

Tristan is no stranger to doing anything he can to avoid Maralee, but with the new alleged information, he’s taken it up a notch. According to Us Weekly, Snapchat messages allegedly sent by Tristan last spring claim he told Maralee that he was tying the knot with Khloe Kardashian. In one of the alleged messages from April 2021, Maralee responded to the news by writing, “You literally just told me you are engaged and are trying to be with your family. I didn’t even know you were engaged. You have a record of treating me like absolute crap, and this whole situation has been upsetting.”

A few days later, Tristan allegedly replied, “I’m engaged, but I will be married soon. I told you I won’t and can’t be in the child’s life at all by no means. Why not wait till you [sic] find the right person to have a family with. Why would you want a baby with a man that’s engaged? You wanna keep a mistake.”

Reports don’t state what Maralee’s response was to Tristan. However, this isn’t the first time he’s been caught up in messages through Snapchat. If you recall, last December, the news about his involvement with Maralee broke the innanet. At the time, Maralee detailed that Theo was conceived in March during Tristan’s birthday celebration in Houston. In addition, Maralee shared several messages from Tristan, trying to convince her to abort the child and saying he wouldn’t be involved in the baby’s life.

Several of the Roommates called out Tristan for how he talked about Theo. One commented, “He cold af for the last line. Sheesh.” Another commented, “No, Tristan! You ARE THE MISTAKE.” Roommates, what do you think about Tristan’s alleged words to Maralee?

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