Tristan Thompson Praises His 'Person', Khloé, For Supporting Him

Tristan Thompson Praises His ‘Person,’ Khloé Kardashian, For Supporting Him Despite His ‘Traumatic’ Misdeeds (Video)

With Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson cohabitating as his home undergoes repairs, the NBA athlete is reflecting on how his decisions impacted the reality star, whom he called his “person.” In turn, Khloé is discussing how she’s choosing to be there for Tristan despite their past hardships, as the overall situation “is something beyond [her] pain.”

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Khloé Says She Has Tristan’s Back: “I Don’t Care What You Did To Me”

During the new episode of The Kardashians that premiered on Thursday (Oct. 5), Khloé acknowledged wanting to ensure she sets “boundaries” while supporting Tristan as he deals with his mother’s passing.

“Tristan is in the very fresh stages of grieving. But without me being an a**hole all the time, I still just want to make sure that boundaries are set, that they’re in place, and that there’s just full transparency and honesty.”

After sharing that she “still need[s] space” and engaging in some small talk, Thompson spoke on how athletes are “taught” to “do what [they] please.”

“We’re taught, like, be the man, do what you please. Bros over h*es — all these, like, stupid words. … You gotta just be your own man and don’t care what people think.”

Bringing up his two older children — Prince and True — Tristan remarked, “The last thing I want them to do is feel embarrassed that I’m their father.”

Tristan Thompson then began reflecting on how, although Khloé’s his “person,” he was able to “put her through” numerous cheating scandals.

“I know how much I care about you. I know how much I love you. You’re my best friend. How come I meet my person [and] I do so much wrong things to them? Like, why put you through that?”

In turn, Kardashian told a producer, “I’m not saying I don’t believe him, but I’ve heard this.”

She added, “I love love, and I am a hopeless romantic. But that’s not gonna change how I feel and what happened.”

“I mean, what happened between Tristan and I was not some small little incident. It was some massive situation that really was a very traumatic experience for me and my life, so I’m not going to forget it. I’m not gonna forget it, but I’m so proud that I’m able to be kind and mature and show my children that mommy and daddy can coexist and be co-parents. And I’m able to be here for him in his time of need.”

Moving on, Khloé declared that the situation goes “beyond [her] pain” and is all about her abiding by what her “moral compass” dictates.

“I don’t care what you did to me. This is something beyond my pain. My moral compass is saying for me to be a good person and to be supportive when someone is in need.”

Tristan then proclaimed, “You’ve done more than most human[s] could ever do, but it shows how pure and great your soul is.”

Kim Kardashian Says Tristan Thompson Is “A Really Good Person & Friend”

Ahead of Khloé’s moment with Tristan, Kim Kardashian also spoke about Thompson’s character.

During a confessional, Kim acknowledged that — while Tristan is “a good friend” — he “couldn’t get it together” with his relationship.

“It’s so crazy because he’s such a good friend, and he’s such a good, like, dad. But he just couldn’t get it together in that area of being a faithful boyfriend.”

She added that, while she “obviously” doesn’t like his treatment of Khloé, Tristan Thompson has “shown so many decent” sides.

“You wanna obviously hate him for that. … But he’s also shown so many decent things and just has been a really good person and friend.”

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