Roommates, it looks like Kehlani and YG have decided to call it quits! It seemed like everything was all good just a few days ago, as the couple released their joint track “Konclusions” on Valentine’s Day. Well, clearly things went sour because Kehlani took to Twitter saying she’s single!

Fans were excited when Kehlani and YG announced they were an item just a few months back, and its been a rocky road for the couple. Just a couple months ago, YG was accused of cheating on Kehlani, and kissing a model as he was leaving a party.

But, they started ten toes down and remained an item, up until now. And while Kehlani has not specified what happened between them, she seemingly addresses some of their issues in her new song “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)”.

Kehlani alludes to many issues between she and YG, and even speaks about how much she’s helped him through many issues.

“I helped you fight your addiction and change your whole life, just to find myself played in the end. ain’t no regrets cause I’m proud that my heart was so pure and I’m never ashamed of my love. Now I’m finding strength in the fact that you’re nothing to me and I know the things I am above.”

Both YG and Kehlani have wiped their Instagram pages of one anther’s photos.