TSR Breakups: Roommates, just a few days after photos of Jamie Foxx and one of his alleged artists leaving a club together surface, it is now being rep;orted that he and his longtime girlfriend Katie Holmes have split up.

The pair have been an item, but very low-key about it, for six years. They reportedly decided to go their separate ways before summer began. Sources close to the situation confirmed with Page Six the former couple actually broke up in May ofthis year. As of now, there are no other details but Jamie is clearly back on the prowl.

See the aspiring singer he’s been spotted with below.


His new alleged boo, who he was spotted holding hands with while leaving a club, goes by the name Sela Vave on Instagram. The singer, who is also a model, has been working with Jamie since late June. She’s showed her appreciation for that man since they’ve been working together.

Not sure if their relationship is more on the friendly end of the spectrum or if something more serious is brewing. Stay here for the latest!