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TSR Daddy Duties: Trey Songz Gives Us A First Look At His Son Noah

Roommates, we were all stunned when we saw Trey Songz posted a photo of a baby’s foot on his Instagram. You know we have to do our digging and we noticed not only were people telling him congratulations in his comments, but even his exes were saying how happy they were for him.

After a few hours of speculation, Trey just came forward and revealed he IS in fact a father and showed us a picture of his beautiful baby boy who is named Noah.

Noah is just so precious, isn’t he?! Unfortunately, that’s about all the details we have at the moment Roommates. Obviously, the biggest question is…WHO’S THE MAMMY?!

The internet has been buzzing all day after Trey initially posted baby Noah’s foot and some people have theories the baby momma COULD be the former dancer he was linked to in the past. We gave you exclusive details last year that Trey was allegedly involved with a woman who claimed to be pregnant by him around the time he was dating Lori Harvey.

But rest assured roommates, we have intel that she actually wasn’t being honest when she said she was pregnant by the r&b singer. SO, that leaves us right back to square one. Who could the mom be?

Trey is very good about keeping his private life, private. This secret baby definitely proves that. We’ll continue to investigate, but while we do, let us know who you think his baby momma (or girlfriend) could possibly be?


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