TSR Exclusive Details: Flavor Flav's Baby Momma Seeking $50K She Allegedly Loaned Him On Top Of Child Support Payments

TSR Exclusive Details: Flavor Flav’s Baby Momma Seeking $50K She Allegedly Loaned Him On Top Of Child Support Payments

Roommates, Flavor Flav is a bold man to be shooting up the club at 60 years old! We previously reported on Flav’s newest baby mother seeking child support, but it looks like she’ll be asking for a lot more than that.


According to sources close to the situation, Kate Gammell, who gave birth to baby Jordan just two months ago, is allegedly seeking $50k on top of Flav’s child support payments.


Apparently, Kate was working as Flav’s manager, and was reportedly fired from her position once she told Flav she was pregnant. Kate also allegedly loaned Flav $50,000 to square away some of his personal bills, which she still has not gotten back.


“When I told him I was pregnant in February of 2019, I was told by him that I couldn’t work with him because of the baby,” Kate said. “This was very hard on me because I had invested my time and money into Flavor’s career even loaning him $50k which I haven’t gotten back yet.”


As we previously reported, Kate filed a paternity case against Flav, asking the court to determine whether or not he fathered baby Jordan. The DNA test has confirmed that Flavor Flav is indeed the father, and now he’s going to have to pay up!


He had previously denied the baby, and cut off communication with his baby momma Kate.


Stay with us as the story continues to develop, Roomies!


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