Looks like Arizona Cardinals player, Tony Jefferson, is facing some serious heat after comments he and former football player, Brennan Clay posted on IG making fun of dark skinned women went viral!

Look at the receipts if you missed that:


Even K Michelle chimed in on it:

Well Tony decided to step into The Shade Room to clear things up and to give an apology to those who were offended:

“This is so crazy! First off, I didn’t post that picture…I only commented on it. I said ‘Ay pony you want that dark ass one in the middle too’ only because ‘Pony’, who is one of my boys said he wanted a black woman. It was obviously a joke. My mom and sister who I love are black. My ex girlfriend is darker than me so I know she is cracking up right now. But honestly I would never disrespect my people. Unfortunately, the readers are only looking at what Brennan Clay said ( which I feel as though was very disrespectful and I did not @ him so I don’t know how he even got in that) and want to put a racial story together which isn’t the case here. If I offended anybody I sincerely apologize but this is crazy. Whoever went searching 93 weeks to find this [picture] God bless you. I’m focused on beating Green Bay tomorrow .”

Roommates what do you think, was it all a misunderstanding? Lets chat below!

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