TSR Exclusive: Nicki Minaj Talks To Us About Her Fendi Collection, Her Upcoming Nuptials, Whether Or Not She's Retiring, Artists She Would Collaborate With, And More

TSR Exclusive: Nicki Minaj Talks To Us About Her Fendi Collection, Her Upcoming Nuptials, Whether Or Not She’s Retiring, Artists She Would Collaborate With, And More

Earlier this week, Nicki Minaj dropped her highly anticipated Fendi collection, and we were right there celebrating with her as she commemorated this new milestone that has all of the fashion industry talking.

Aside from that, we sat down with Nicki and had an exclusive interview where we talked about what inspired the collection. As well as her upcoming nuptials to her man Kenneth Petty, whether or not she’s really retiring, other artists she would love to collaborate with and much more.

If you’re like us, then you’ve been counting down the days since Nicki and Kenneth obtained their marriage license, as we wait for them to officially say their “I Do’s.” Nicki talked to us about their upcoming nuptials and whether or not they’re going to have a big wedding.

She said, “We’ll definitely do the paperwork portion of the marriage, but the actual wedding, I don’t know. You know when you’re a little girl and you want this big beautiful wedding, and I used to think I was one of those girls, I always wanted the fairytale. But then the things that used to matter to you don’t matter as much because I remember wanting those things with people, where real love wasn’t there. So now I feel like now that everything has finally lined up and matched up being that I’m madly in love with this man, he’s also my best friend, the things that used to matter to me before, don’t matter as much now. So yes, we’re going to have a big wedding eventually.”

She also expressed how deeply in love she is right now, and the importance of her and Kenneth’s love.

“With him, we’re more best friends, first and foremost. If he asks something of me or vice versa. It’s not like a demand, it’s like I want to do it because I respect and love you so much, and I want to do it because of the way you respect me, that’s kind of how our relationship is,” said Nicki.

She continued, “It’s like we laugh, joke, talk like friends, we’re around each other non-stop, so we feel very much like family, but it’s just like this respect that I have for him. He does things in such a dope way, that makes me more attracted to him.”

Now when it comes to whether or not Nicki will be retiring, it looks like that won’t necessarily be the case. If you all remember, last month she tweeted that she was retiring from the game to start her family. As you all know the Barbs were not having it, and eventually Nicki deleted the tweet.

She talked about what she learned from that moment and said, “So, it was really about the fifth album. Where do I stand with it, I didn’t know my fans were going to act like that with the tweet, and it hurt my feelings. I felt like the way I did it was like insensitive to my fans, I didn’t know it was going to be that big of a deal. So that’s why I deleted it because it had like 600,000 likes and it was up for like less than an hour, and it took on a life of its own. But you know what, I’m a human being and sometimes in the middle of all this chaos, you’re a woman, you’re a human being, you have feelings, you may speak out of term. You may do things or say things where you’re like ‘what the hell was I talking about or thinking about,’ but I’m human.”

Nicki pretty much tried to stay tight-lipped on whether there was another album in the future. However, she did tell us who she would love to collaborate with if there were another album.

“I just recently collaborated with the Da Baby, so you know he got to return that favor, and Gunna, I love Gunna. So, if there is an album there’s going to be way more than that if there is an album, but those are two new people that I haven’t had on an album yet who I would love to work with them. Now that I’ve gotten to know them, they are sweet and respectful and also just dope at their craft. It was also dope working with Megan as well, that’s just in terms of rap,” she said.

However, you can also expect her to collaborate with other artists outside of rap. She mentioned her love for different genres of music, including gospel. If you all recall she collaborated with Tasha Cobbs on her album back in 2017.

We all know that Kanye West has a new album that is scheduled to drop soon, where he is taking more of the gospel approach. Nicki revealed that Kanye is currently trying to take one of their unreleased collaborations and transform it into a gospel track.

She said, “What’s funny is that I did a song with Kanye, that he now wants to transform into a gospel song. I done wrote three different verses chile, and I don’t know. We ain’t seeing eye to eye on it. I don’t know, but of course, I love and respect Kanye, and Kim, we’ll see what happens with that.”



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