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TSR Exclusive: Secrets Exposed! 

#TSR Exclusive: Secrets Exposed!
Is there a secret in the Lyons Den? The new season of Empire just began and we as viewers are already on the edge of our seats! 
Between all the action, celebrity cameos and Lucious being incarcerated, what else could we as fans ask for?! Well we did some digging, as we always do and have found out British, broadcast journalist, #SharonCarpenter will be co-starring in episode 2 of #Empire playing herself as a tv talk show host. 
We’re also hearing that someone in the Lyons family goes to her, to shed light on a sticky situation. Well, what could it be? Will Lucious be found guilty of Bunky’s death? Will Hakeem get back with Tiana? Will Cookie be exposed as a snitch? We can only wait and see! #EmpireWednesday


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