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TSR Exclusive: The ‘Black Widow’ Strikes Again But This Time With An Athlete!!!

Chile when will these celebrities learn!? Y’all remember when xo_Celina aka the ‘Black Widow’ put Oshea Jackson on blast just a few dam days ago? Well it looks like shawty definitely does get around because she just sent us exclusive footage of her being invited out by another celeb!! Yes…she’s back at it again but this time she is with Houston Rockets player, Dwight Howard!

We first reported about her alleged relationship with Howard when we posted our tea on Oshea but she has definitely laid down the confirmation with some more receipts honey!

The two apparently started talking back in June, seeing the dates on the DMs:

IMG_3813 IMG_3812


Welp we have exclusively learned that Dwight is in town for his game against the Nuggets tonight and had invited the ‘Black Widow’ to his game. Its safe to say that Dwight hopes that he will score with Celina  after the game!

IMG_3803 IMG_3804



IMG_3802 IMG_3805

IMG_3807-2 IMG_3801

Oh and the tea train does not stop there hunty!! Check out the exclusive video she sent us while she was camping out with Dwight at his hotel room! Its safe to say shawty is a triple threat, she does music artists (Fetty), actors (Oshea),  and now sports? Hide ya man ladies!!!


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