Roommates, I know Yo Gotti’s ‘5 Star Chick’ came out almost six years ago, but now we really know why he put her on the song!!! Trina ain’t the b*** to be messed with!!! The femmecee had a scheduled appearance at Justin’s Bar and Grill in Miami last night when all of a sudden a fight broke out between the rapper and a…”fan”.

The video begins with Trina’s entourage trying to hold her back from confronting a young man who Trina proceeds to read for filth!!! Some of the audio is hard to decipher, but you can clearly hear Trina yell, “Take yo azz home with that bullsh*t! You got beef? Take yo ass home!” A few ‘You’re wrong’s’ were peppered in there too.

Maybe dude wasn’t getting it, though, because he wouldn’t leave, so Trina put them paws on him! Yikes! Tell me why he made an advance back at her! From the looks of how Trina and her family reacted to it, we can’t tell if he enjoyed the rest of his night, but let’s just say it will be one he’ll always remember!

Looks like Trina’s still got it!

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